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Click through the galleries below to explore my paintings.

Eucalyptus synandra painting (web).jpg

Flowers, largely inspired by the local natives that bloom around where I live in Western Australia and the beauty of traditional decorative gardens.

A collection of paintings largely featuring local birds.  I'm lucky to live in an area rich in birdlife and they inspire me to photograph and paint every day.

Magpies (web).jpg

I love to find beauty in the every day.  Simple objects and groupings can tell stories and evoke memories.

Top Shelf (Bottles) WEB.jpg
Budgie tea and Tim tams (web).jpg

This current series explores classic Australian iconography.  Combined with native birds, flowers and still life imagery, this series combines a little kitsch, a little word play - elements of colour, lightness and humour that embody the Aussie experience.

I love to paint people's families.  Of recent times, I especially enjoy the fur family members. This collection represents a cross section of pet portrait commissions.

George (web).jpg

People are a fascinating subject, and something I often return to. I have produced portraits as commissions, and enjoy the stories behind the characters I get to meet.

rimmi portrait (web).jpg
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