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Hi! I’m Polla. With a short vowel sound “o”. “POLL” just like in “Polly”, and “LA” as in doh, ray, me, fa, so…” My parents tried so hard to spell my name in a way that might make it easy to read and then pronounce, but it’s never quite worked out that way. The name is a fairly ordinary one, from my Mum’s native country of Cambodia.

I am the Simple Country Creative.

In 2017 my family and I made a “tree-change” and moved from the Perth suburbs to 7.5 acres of “bush block” in the Wheatbelt of rural Western Australia, just beyond the fringe of the Perth metropolitan area.

I am an advocate for living simply: appreciating the little things as much as the big, consuming less and just not overcomplicating or over-stuffing life with too many things, physical or mental.

Here, I intend to tell stories of my both remarkable and ordinary life. I plan to share thoughts, ideas, tales and tips on simple living, country life from a tree-changer’s perspective and the varied and wonderful world of creativity ie. making stuff.


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