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Simple Food: Make Your Own Museli

More flavour, less sugar, all your favourite bits, no cooking... what's not to love about making your own natural muesli?

This is my latest batch, there will never be two the same.


5 cups rolled oats

3 cups shredded coconut

3/4 cup sultanas

1 cup trail mix (this one had mixed raw nuts, cranberries & dried pawpaw)

1/4 cup pepitas

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup goji berries


Mix in a large, clean dry bowl. Store in an airtight container

I stopped buying commercial museli after I reached the bottom of the packet of my usual brand to find about a half a cup of sugar loose in the bottom. It had never happened before. A curious email to the company suggested that extra sugar was now being added "as a preservative". That's a pretty ordinary argument, as dried rolled oats are not well known for their fast degrading properties. Anyway, that's where I tapped out. I was also getting sick of paying a premium for a massive percentage of rolled oats and a smattering of coconut and sultanas or unidentifiable specks of fruit dried into tiny rocks. Premium brands could offer better mixes, but it came along with a premium price tag. And forget toasted muesli - coating everything in oil and sugar and baking it is afternoon tea, not breakfast.

The great thing about home made museli is that you can put exactly what you want into it. As an idea of where to start, I've put up the recipe above. However, don't be afraid to mess around with it. I keep the coconut and oats and vary the rest all the time. Investigate the different trail mixes, superfood/vitality mixes, protein blends, fruit, nut and seed mixes etc that are available. You can add chia seeds, LSA mix, linseeds, any kind of dried fruit (in tiny pieces) and unsalted nuts. Be as adventurous as you like, but try and keep it simple too - keep the sugar, preservatives and additives as low as possible and the fibre and nutrition high.

It can be a great excuse to check out your local bulk food aisle or store. Take along a few glass jars and see what takes your fancy. There's no need to buy lots of plastic packets to clutter up the pantry.

Check out your local bulk food store for ideas

Serve it for breakfast with a splash of milk (any type) and a generous dollop of yoghurt.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Consider using your museli for Overnight Oats.

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