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TYPOGRAPHICAL ART including quotes

Typographical artwork can make an a attractive, graphic statement in any space.  You may have a personal motto, family statement, business mission statement, mindfulness mantra or inspirational quote that speaks to you - having it beautifully expressed as art and hung prominently is a way to have it regularly before your eyes.

As a gift, words can speak volumes. Frame a personalised quote to make a very personal gift - perhaps for someone chasing a goal, someone getting married or engaged, to celebrate a pregnancy or new baby, someone fighting an illness or engaged in building their mental or physical fitness (anything really!).  If someone has their own "in-joke" or catch-phrase, it may also make a fun gift that is very particular to them.  Or what about a special date?  A baby's birthday along with their birth stats (time of birth, weight etc).  A milestone birthday or anniversary with a matching image (gift of the year, flower of the month).  Song lyrics - perhaps your wedding song or other meaningful song between a couple, family or friends.

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For paintings at A4 size, I recommend quite brief 1-2 line quotes (under 15 words approximately)  for best visual effect. This ensures that the text appears at a size quite readable for wall display, and can be appropriately decorative. Check out my gallery of typographical art to see what the word count can look like.

You will also select a colour theme eg. red & yellows, greens & blues, purples etc. I'll arrange the colours within the painting as I feel will be appropriate to the design.  

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Your supplied text will be interpreted as a unique, full colour painting on quality acid free paper. I primarily use watercolour paints, but will utilise other media if required to create the best result.

Paintings are usually supplied securely packaged & unframed, to minimise shipping costs and allow for people to choose a frame to suit their decor.

Quotes/words (up to 15*) on 1 page: $AU 150

order 2 for $AU 125 each

Shipping/Handling is additional & will be individually quoted. Unframed portraits posted within Australia are likely to be approximately $AU 10 each. For Perth residents, local pickup may be arranged.

I will set up a digital draft illustrating the layout of the text, so as you can check spelling etc.  

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