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Welcome to my blog


Here I plan to occassionally share some of things that pass through my brain.


There will be articles to search with useful, practical or simply just interesting information regarding art and especially painting.  There will be my musings on creativity, motivation or frankly, anything else that might take my fancy.


I'm an artist. I can justify whims like that.

By Polla, Feb 13 2015 01:59AM

I am very lucky to live in a suburb with an excellent sense of community. We are very fortunate to even have a community arts governing body that supports arts-based community groups and activities and also has it's own gallery and dedicated community arts space.

Annually (usually around Christmas) they hold an exhibition for members of the arts community here to participate in. Here's a couple of shots from this year's show, which had a theme: "My Favourite Things". Not my best angle, but the photo of me was taken by my little boy. The Musk Lorikeet watercolour in the background was my contribution.

Many artists may think they are isolated practitioners, but you may be surprised as to what exists nearby. If you want to get involved with other artists or other appreciators of the arts, investigate your local community for groups and associations (or even start your own). You may be very surprised.

By Polla, Feb 13 2015 01:50AM

Here's a quick photo of me taken on the Cubic 27 opening night with my full collection. Over half of them sold, so it was a successful night too. It was truly amazing to see the different interpretations taken by others when we all had the same base point material.

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By Polla, Sep 22 2014 02:33AM

So, in the painting madness I stopped blogging my paintings as they were complete. Unsurprising I guess! I will load them all to the site eventually.... but in any case, here's a picture of me with the final collection. Cubic27 opens this weekend and I'm dying to see all the work the 27 artists have produced. More to come ...

By Polla, Jun 7 2014 06:52AM

Enjoyed this one. The colours came out rich and succulent. Figs often represent abundance and have associations with initiation - Ancient Egyptian priests consumed them at consecration ceremonies. Their many seeds can also represent unity and the universality of knowledge or true understanding.

By Polla, Jun 4 2014 04:20AM

I live opposite a small area of parkland, where it is not unusual to find me, camera in hand. This painting comes from a photo of a banksia taken one crisp, spring morning...

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